I Wanna Be A Barenaked Lady!!

In 2009, Steven Page left the Barenaked Ladies and at the time I thought they would replace him. When they didn't, I wrote a song about wanting to join the band and I recorded it with my good pal Ron Christian. I was happy with the results but I didn't do anything with it and eventually forgot about it... until Dec 2016.

Six years after I wrote the song, I had an opportunity to make a music video. With the help of Tracy Byers Reid, Trevor Pearson, Andrew Maclennan, Brett Woodward and Kyle Waddell, it was made for an assignment under Algonquin College's Television Broadcasting program.

It was written in the style of the Barenaked Ladies and I directed the video to show as a tribute to the band. The song follows the story of an enthusiastic fan who follows the early beginnings of the Barenaked Ladies and starts a quest to join the the band by writing a song. 

​Song Credits: 
Aaron Reid - Vocals, guitar, percussion and audio editing / mixing. Video producer, director and editor. 
Ron Christian - Piano, audio recording and mixing. 

​Tyler Stewart from the Barenaked Ladies had this to say:

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